'Chet' -or Bobby Chet Cook- is a musician who caters mainly to the Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada. His specialty is playing his laid back blend of Blues, Rock and Southern Rock for 'gatherings' of people at festivals, listening rooms, and smaller intimate venues. 

Chet's stage performances are distinctive, as he makes it a point to be anything but flashy; Under steady, soft white lights, Chet plays his music while stepping lightly on oriental rugs among smoke-trails of incense. Lighted bottles hang from the trusses while other odd and ends decorate the stage. Chet's performance is not just about what you see and hear but most-importantly about what you feel and experience in this atmosphere that 'makes' the show. 

Chet is originally from the Southeastern Connecticut area and began playing the guitar at the age of 5 in 1999. After nearly two decades of refining his style, branching out to several other musical instruments, a relocation to and from Nashville, Tennessee, and a reinventing, Chet is currently based out of Waterford, Connecticut and is dedicated to sharing his love of music with all-comers.